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Supplier & Distributor of Racking & Shelving Equipment

At Binghamton Material Handling we recognize the need to maximize storage space. Our customers across New York and Pennsylvania turn to us for standard and specialty storage and shelving solutions. From archive storage to systems with multi-ton capacities, we offer pallet storage rack systems, storage cabinets and even lockers. If you have storage or shelving application we carry a product that will accommodate your requirements. For more information see the table below of contact us directly.

We stock many sizes of shelving and pallet racking for 24 HOUR SHIPMENT.

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Racking & Shelving Equipment
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Racking & Shelving Equipment
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Racking & Shelving Equipment


For highlighted information about Republic Storage products, see below.

Republic Storage Products

Industrial Clip Shelving

  • General to high capacity storage
  • Open and closed storage
  • Open flange shelves are strengthened by 3/8" return flanges
  • Available in heights up to 16'1", posts are roll formed from 14 gauge steel for maximum strength and feature 1½" vertical shelf adjustment
  • Capacity range 210 - 1,250 lbs per shelf

Automotive Shelving

  • 84" high units are designed with shelves that slide into slots on the unit uprights, allowing for easy reconfiguration of units
  • Light duty small and medium parts storage
  • Shelves are adjustable on 1 ½" centers and have a full return flange on the front
  • Capacity 150 lbs per shelf

Rivet Wedge-Lock

  • Rivet-type stud on the beam engages a teardrop hole on the post to form a solid connection
  • A mallet strike secures the frame
  • Capacity range 305 - 1,680 lbs per shelf
  • Beam options are:
    • Standard Beam
    • Medium Beam
    • Heavy Duty Beam
    • Channel Beam
    • Low Profile Beam
    • Z-Beam
    • Heavy Z-Beam
  • Post options are:
    • Heavy Angle Post
    • T-Post
    • Heavy T-Post

Keystone Storage Rack

  • Heavy duty U-shaped horizontal and diagonal bracing members are welded into Z-pattern panels for maximum strength
  • Keystone upright frames offer 3" vertical beam adjustment capability
  • Capacity beams 7,800 lbs
  • Capacity upright frames 25,300 lbs

Shelving Mezzanine Systems

  • Steel Bar Grating - 1" x 1/8" steel bar grating
  • Roof deck with plywood floor
  • Multi-Level Shelving
  • Utilizes vertical space, double or triple tier

Shop & Office Storage

  • 14 ga. steel bench top
  • 16 ga. stringer provides work bench stability
  • 13 gauge steel top is pre-punched to accept leg assemblies, drawers and back/end stop
  • Capacity range 150 lbs - 1,100 lbs

Metal Lumber

  • Heavy 12 gallon and 14 gallon construction
  • Cut marks on 3" centers assure quick, accurate cuts and minimize scrap material
  • Capacity range 700 - 2,910 lbs (depends on depth and gauge)


  • Louvers are provided on lockers for ventilation
  • The box locker pull provides a convenient finger pull and serves as a padlock strike and lock hole cover
  • Available in PDQ and MVP models

For highlighted product information about Ridg-U-Rak, see below.

Slotted Frames

  • Roll-formed columns 180° return flanges
  • 100% welded uprights
  • Superior bracing design
  • Large base plates
  • Offset anchor holes
  • 4" vertical adjustability

Teardrop Frames

  • Offset anchor holes
  • Full array of profiles to optimize the solution
  • 2" vertical adjustability
  • Large base plates
  • 6 bend column
  • 100% welded uprights

Structural Frames & Beams: Slotted & Bolted Connections

  • Upright frame capacities vary according to vertical beam spacing
  • Upright columns are hot-rolled structural channel with 50,000 psi minimum yield
  • Slotted beams are vertically adjustable on 4" centers

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