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Supplier & Distributor of Parts Storage Equipment

Having access to materials in your facility is key to efficient use of space and resources. At Binghamton Material Handling, we specialize in supplying our customers with a wide variety of parts and storage products. We've been servicing customers in Central New York, and Northeast Pennsylvania for over 50 years and understand that every customers needs are unique, to this end we offer literally thousands of storage products and systems. From storage bins and racks, to totes, containers, and cabinets, all with customizable options and features. With such a large selection of products to choose from, we're sure to have what you're looking for. For more information see the table below or contact us directly.

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For highlighted product information about Akro Mils, see below.

Storage Bins, Racks & Hanging Systems

  • Plastic stackable bins and drawers of various shapes and sizes
  • Weight capacities from 75 lbs - 2,000 lbs

Heavy Duty Bins, Totes, Containers & Small Parts Storage

  • Molded of high-impact polypropylene
  • Products made of polypropylene block copolymer are autoclavable up to 250° F
  • Plastic stackable bins of various shapes and sizes
  • Weight capacities from 75 lbs - 1,000 lbs

Mobile Systems & Work Centers

  • Weight capacities from 200 - 2,200 lbs
  • High-density polyethylene structural foam construction is dent-resistant
  • Various hand trucks and drum dollies available

Waste Transport Systems

  • Wrap-around tubular frame is constructed of 1" or 1 ¼" powder-coated steel for enhanced appearance and rust protection
  • Casters equipped with roller bearings for extra stability when pushing, pulling or turning
  • Weight capacities from 600 - 2,000 lbs

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For highlighted product information about Strong Hold Products, see below.

Stronghold Products

Standard Cabinets

  • These heavy duty 12-gauge steel cabinets provide protection for valuable tools and machine parts
  • These features include adjustable 14-gauge shelves with up to 1900# capacity each and can be adjusted in 2" increments
  • The three-point locking device, includes a hasp built into the handle for use with a padlock
  • The 7- gauge legs are welded on to provide mobility in lifting in order to move from one area to another

Clearview Cabinets - See-Thru Door Storage Cabinet

  • Available in four, five and six foot wide sizes with adjustable shelves on 2" centers
  • The clear view (polycarbonate) panels allows for viewing items stored inside
  • These panels are attached to the door by using 5/16" black oxide carriage bolts

Ventilated Cabinets - Ventilated Cabinet

  • The 12-gauge steel doors are perforated with a diamond shape for easy visibility and ventilation

Roll-Up Door Cabinets - Roll-Up Door Storage Cabinet

  • Available in three, four and five foot wide sizes with adjustable shelves on 2" centers
  • The roll-up door is great when you have limited aisle space

Computer Cabinets - Topview Computer Cabinets with Retractable Keyboard

  • Allows users to lock up all their computer accessories at the end of the day
  • The retractable keyboard drawer unit measures 20" wide, 22" deep and 3" high
  • The polycarbonate window allows a clear view of the monitor

Bin Cabinets - 4-Shelf Bin Storage

  • 12-gauge steel bin cabinets
  • These bin storage cabinets meet virtually every need for organization and security
  • With a 3-point locking system, padlock hasp, and sturdy 7-gauge legs, these cabinets are designed for industrial environments

Janitorial Cabinets - Wardrobe Cabinet

  • These cabinets are partitioned. One side has a hanger shelf for overalls and jackets, and an upper area for hats three-point latching system provides for extra protection

Personal Lockers - Standard Locker

  • StrongHold's12-gauge personal lockers are ideal for space saving in the workplace
  • Each opening is 21-1/2" wide by 32-3/4" high. Two adjustable halfwidth shelves with a capacity of 775 lbs

Work Stations - Countertop Model with Multi-Storage

  • 3 three-point locking systems
  • 12-gauge, all-welded construction cabinets have one drawer and three compartments with an adjustable shelf in each
  • The back lip is 2" high to keep objects from falling behind the unit
  • All models have a drawer 6" high and 26" deep

Shop Desks - Standard Desk with Drawer

  • Heavy duty 12-gauge steel
  • Three-point lock system, wrap around design, 3/16" steel legs (with 6" sweep space) and shelves that are secured by 3/8" carriage bolts
  • The drawer measures 29" x 20" x 6" high and has a 400-pound capacity
  • One shelf is located inside the cabinet and has a capacity of 1900 pounds

Shop Tables

  • The top is made from 7-gauge steel and the legs are from 2" x 2" x 1/4" angle
  • Tables greater than 6' in width require six legs

Tool Carts

  • 7-gauge work top with side and back guards
  • Each drawer holds up to 400 lbs
  • The combination of 6" high swivel and rigid casters with 2" wide moldon rubber wheels makes Maneuvering easy and can withstand a 2,000 lb. load

Service Carts

  • Uprights are made from 2" x 2" x 1/4" angle, with 12-gauge shelves
  • The shelves have a 3" lip on all sides to prevent material from slipping off
  • The sturdy 6" high swivel casters with 2" wide mold on rubber wheels on 36" wide units, and polyurethane wheels on 48" wide units, make maneuvering easy and can withstand a 2000 lb. load

Site Storage

  • The three-point lock system with the use of a padlock makes it virtually impossible to force or cut open
  • This unit features 12-gauge steel, all welded construction, removable 14-gauge shelves, concealed hinges, lifting handles and a ramp
  • Shelf capacity 800 lbs

Flammable Storage Cabinets - Flammable Storage

  • All-welded double wall cabinets feature 12-gauge exterior walls and 16-gauge interior walls spaced 1 1/2" apart
  • The 2" catch pan under the floor of the cabinet holds spills

Shelving Units - Closed Shelving Unit

  • These units have a welded construction with 14-gauge adjustable shelves

Stainless Steel Cabinets - Stainless Steel Floor Model

  • 12-gauge hot-rolled steel and incorporated it into the 12-gauge, #304, stainless steel
  • The adjustable shelves with up to 1900 pound capacity, shelves adjusting on 2" centers, three-point locking system and 7-gauge welded legs

Specialty Cabinets - Outdoor Storage Cabinet

  • This cabinet has a sloped top, a gasket-sealed door frame, and a rain guard
  • Powder coat silver is the standard finish

Custom Cabinets:

  • Tradesman Retrofit Cabinet
  • Chain Hoist & Hose Storage Cabinet
  • Storage Cabinet with Hanger Pegs
  • Tool & Die Cabinet
  • Metal Bin Shelving
  • Key Cabinet
  • Slim-Line Clearview Cabinet
  • Military Foot Locker
  • Cabinet with Hooks
  • Cabinet with Lift-Up Lid & 10 Drawers with Lock bar
  • Tool Die Cart
  • 12' Workstation with Lights, Outlets, Drawers, & Slide Out Shelves
  • Cabinet with Large Door Pockets
  • Open Locker with Hooks and Shelves
  • Cabinet with Slide Out Partitions
  • Table with 8 Key Lock Drawers and Light
  • Multi-Opening Cabinet
  • Mobile Cabinet with Door Pockets and Hooks
  • Mobile Cabinet with Drawers and Center Shelf
  • Floor Model with Bi-Fold Doors
  • Outdoor Storage Cabinet
  • Tool & Die Cart
  • Drawer Cabinet with Hose Hanger
  • Tool & Die Work Station
  • Mobile Cabinet with Drawers and Lift-Up Lid
  • 18 Drawer Cart
  • Workstation with Large Slide-Out Drawers
  • Shop Desk with Drawers, Upper Compartment, and Lights
  • Workstation with Pegboard and Maple Top
  • Double Shift Cabinet with Hooks and Pegboard Doors
  • Multi-Compartment Outdoor Cabinet
  • Table with Pegboard, Bins and Key Lock Drawers
  • Stainless Steel Work Station with Sink
  • Cabinet With 35 Drawers and Two Slide Out Shelves
  • Mobile Drawer Cabinet with Lock-In/Out Slides
  • Corner Workstation with 10 Drawers
  • Workstation with Paddle Handle
  • Tool & Die Cabinet
  • Lift-Up Lid Cabinet
  • Utility Job Box with Slide out Bottom
  • Eight Heavy-Duty Drawer Cabinet
  • Triple Shift Work Station with Bins
  • Roller Table

For highlighted information about Durham products, see below.

Bins, Drawer Cabinets, Drawer Cabinet Systems

  • 12" Deep Parts Bins, 9" Deep Parts Bins, Accessories for Parts Bins, Drawer Cabinets with 2-3/4"H Drawers, Drawer Cabinets with 3-1/2"H Drawers, Accessories for Drawer Cabinets, Drawer Cabinet Systems

Rotabin® Rotary Shelving

  • 17", 28", 34", 44" and 58" Rotabin® Revolving Shelves
  • Capacity range from 625 - 2,000 lbs per shelf
  • Overall capacity from 240 - 10,000 lbs

Compartment Boxes & Racks

  • Large Compartment Boxes, Large Slide Racks, Bases for Large Slide Racks, Plastic Inserts, Cover Labels, Label Pouches, Small Compartment Boxes, Small Slide Racks, Base for Small Slide Racks, Locking Hinges, Small Plastic Compartment Boxes, Large Plastic Compartment Boxes, Racks for Plastic Compartment Boxes, Hook-On Bins®
  • Boxes with varying number of compartments and sizes
  • Slide racks with varying number of racks

Specialty Storage

  • Utility/Aerosol, Adjustable Bins, Tilt-Out Tray Cabinet, Welding Rod Cabinet, Hose Clamp Storage, Rod & Bar Racks, Truck & Van Storage

Heavy Duty Storage Cabinets

  • Specialty Cabinets, Industrial Duty Shelf Cabinets, 14 Gauge Cabinets with Hook-On Bins, Cabinets with Hook-On Bins and Adjustable Shelves, Cabinets with Adjustable Shelves, Extra Heavy Duty 12 Gauge Cabinets, Cabinets with No Shelves, Optional Hook-On Bins®
  • Shelf capacity ranges from 300 - 900 lbs

Bulk Storage

  • Storack® Shelving and Accessories, Horizontal Bar Storage, Vertical Bar Storage, Extra Heavy Duty Shelving
  • Rugged 14 gauge beams and 13 gauge upright frames fit securely together
  • 20 gauge ribbed decking holds heavy palletized loads
  • Overall capacities from 4,500 - 18,000 lbs

Workbenches, Workstations, Mobile Cabinets

  • Folding Leg Workbenches and Accessories, Heavy Duty Workbenches, Stationary
  • Workstations, Mobile Workstations
  • Capacity range 2,000 - 14,000 lbs

Carts and Trucks

  • Mobile Bench Cabinets, Maintenance Cart, 2-Sided Mobile Cart/Workstations, Rolling
  • Service Stock Carts, Bin Service Carts, Low Profile Instrument Cart, Portable Table & Service Trucks, Pan & Tray Trucks, 3 & 4 Sided Stock Trucks, Bar Cradle Trucks, Steel Platform Trucks, Mesh Stock Trucks, Panel Trucks, Adjust-A-Tray Trucks, A-Frame Trucks, Hook-On Bins
  • Capacity range 1,200 - 10,000 lbs

Safety Storage

  • Gas Cylinder Storage, Medicine Cabinets, First Aid Labels, Glove Dispenser, Metal & Plastic First Aid Kit Boxes, Commercial First Aid Boxes, Spill Control Cabinet, First Aid Cabinets
  • Holds 2, 4, 8, 9, 12 or 18 cylinders
  • Holds 12, 30, 45, 60 or 90 gallons

Office & Literature Storage

  • Vertical Con-Tur® Literature Racks and Accessories, Rotary Con-Tur® Literature Racks, Special Purpose Literature Racks and Accessories, Horizontal Literature Storage and Accessories, Office Center, Art File
  • 5, 10, 11, 20, 23, 44, 80 and 92 Pocket Literature Racks
  • 9, 12, 15, 21, 30 or 45 Opening Literature Rack

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