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Supplier & Distributor of Security Enclosures Wall Systems

As a supplier of security enclosures and wall systems we provide competitive products that can solve your office and enclosure needs. We carry a full line of Starrco Modular Office components that feature high R ratings, with non-flammable characteristics.

Security enclosures are manufactured by Wire Crafters. These products offer customizable features and without sacrificing strength and security.

At Binghamton Material Handling we service Central New York and Northeast Pennsylvania with superior products and services. To learn more about all of our wall systems and security enclosures, see the table below or contact us directly.

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Enclosures Wall Systems Supplier
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Enclosures Wall Systems Supplier
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Enclosures Wall Systems Supplier


For highlighted information about Starrco products, see below.

Deluxe Non-combustible Panel (DL)

  • Vinyl covered gypsum board interior & exterior/rigid polystyrene core
  • STC rating of 28
  • Thermal rating of R11
  • Class 1 non-combustible

Standard Panel (SP)

  • Vinyl covered hardboard interior & exterior/rigid polystyrene core
  • STC rating of 22
  • Thermal rating of R13

Sound Control Panel (SC)

  • Vinyl covered hardboard interior & exterior/ high density particle board substrate and a rigid polystyrene core
  • STC rating of 33
  • Thermal rating of R11

For highlighted information about WireCrafters products, see below.

WireCrafters Products

System 840

  • Panels bolt directly to support posts
  • Base plates welded to posts allow direct floor anchoring

Modular Panels

  • Ten widths, 1' to 10' in one foot increments
  • Two heights: 4'-0" and 5'-0"
  • Full height partition walls are built by stacking two or more panels between posts
  • Mesh: 10 gauge wire woven into 2" x 1" rectangular openings

Hinged Doors

  • 3' or 4' wide by 7' 3-1/4" high opening
  • Transom panel sized to match partition height
  • Padlock lugs standard, cylinder locks available
  • Single, Double Hinged or Dutch Doors

Sliding Doors

  • 3', 4', 5', 6', 8' or 10' widths
  • Full height partition openings of 8' and 10'
  • Padlock lug standard, cylinder lock available
  • Complete with two door posts, two 4 wheel trolley trucks, 16 gauge tracks, and all hardware

Clear-Span Ceilings

  • Ceiling panels interchangeable with wall panels
  • Attach to partition walls with slotted angle
  • Clear spanned up to 35'
  • Large ceilings supported by horizontal ceiling tubes
  • Add to existing partition without changing layout
  • All ceilings are non-load bearing

Standard Locks

  • Electric Strikes
  • Thumb-Turn Latch
  • Interior Key
  • Lever Handle

Keying Options

  • Standard locks are supplied keyed different
  • Keyed alike locks available
  • Optional Master Key available
  • Best Cylinder® Less Core
  • Any 1" mortise cylinder

Electrical Locking Devices

  • Coded Card Reader
  • Ten-Digit Key Pad
  • Electro-Magnetic Lock
  • Electric Strike

Pallet Rack Backing

  • Mounting brackets bolt directly to rack uprights, panels bolt to brackets
  • Off-set brackets allow for load to overhang rack beams
  • Creates sturdy barrier between stocked items and the ground below
  • Panels may be extended above the last beam to contain top loads

Pallet Rack Sliding Gates

  • Ideally suited for multi-bay application
  • Our unique "double track" system keeps doors out of your way, and aisles clear of obstruction
  • Full height doors available up to 20-feet tall
  • Locking options available for added security

Physical Barriers

  • Simple
  • Protect personnel from the dangers of automated equipment
  • Various heights, sweep spaces, lift out sections, non-right angle corners, heavy mesh, Lexan panels, sheet metal panels, are all easily accomplished with our basic design
  • Weld curtains
  • Diamond Style Barrier
  • Aluminum Extruded Frame Barriers

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